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Samuel Johnson o współczesnym świecie

Brytyjczycy wpadli na pomysł opisania współczesnego świata w stylu imitującym styl wielkiego brytyjskiego XVIII-wiecznego leksykografa:

"Dr Johnson's Dictionary Of Modern Life , published by Square Peg, is a provoker of great MIRTH, eminently suitable for a gift in festive HOSIERY and can be purchas'd from Amazon's emporium of th'AETHER thus for a mere £9.99"

Oto definicja hasła: "HIP HOP":

Hip-Hop is oft defin'd as rhythmick Oratory set to a Beat; heralded as the inventive Poetry of the Streets & then condemn'd for all the Ills of Mankind.

A Man who does pracktice Hip-Hop is in equal Part a Town-Crier, Poet, Peacock & Highwayman. Pracktitioners of Hip-Hop do include lisping Numismatist Mister Fifty CENT, Mister Grand-Master FLASH & his Quintet of FURY & double-barrel'd Canine Mister Snoop DOGGY-DOGG.

Such amotley of Titles does indicate a most high Self-Regard amongst the aristockracy of Hip-Hop. Indeed, it is most certain that the aforesaid Rappers are in keen Want of a Wife, or to secure Entry unto polite Society, for they do boast most ardently of their Prowess in the Bed-Chamber & their Reserves of GOLD. The Poets of Hip-Hop do advertise their esteem'd Status by riding in what they deem Pimp'd Carriages, with Cart-Wheels gilded in Silver-Plate, while they adorn themselves with such a Surfeit of Gold, Diamonds, sundry Plate & TREASURE that they might provoke a raid 'pon themselves from a Barbary Pirate or from the Spanish NAVY.

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